NEW! Gourmet Grub

Consumer demand for gourmet burgers is behind Orion’s new Gourmet Grub brand. 59% of consumers say they would buy burgers at C-Stores if offered, according to Technomic. By adding Gourmet Grub to your Hot Stuff Pizza location you’ll have two exciting brands for the consumer, and an all-in-one kitchen behind the scenes.

Gourmet Grub WarmerGourmet Grub will not only feature freshly baked third-pound* Angus burgers, but All White Meat Gourmet Chicken sandwiches as well. Our Gourmet line of burgers and sandwiches will feature unforgettable sauces from Chipotle to Teriyaki, and Orion’s 100% real mozzarella cheese blend.

All items are merchandised hot and ready to go for consumers looking for a high-quality sandwich for lunch or dinner.


Gourmet Grub Poster