Hot Stuff Pizza

Developed in 1986, Hot Stuff Pizza has become the flagship brand of Orion Food Systems and the go-to favorite for consumers around the world. With delicious and satisfying options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every snack in between, this pizza powerhouse offers extensive and crowd-pleasing menus that are easy-to-prepare and highly customizable.

We'll even provide national marketing campaigns with new promotions every quarter, including high-impact advertising materials, exciting new product introductions, and limited-time offer options, whichever is better for your business.

Join over 850 franchisees and capitalize on America's most popular foods, with core menus that include a wide variety of pizzas, ready-to-bake appetizers, hot sandwiches, hot wings, breakfast burritos and croissants, Cinnobabies®, and other on-the-go favorites.