Hot Stuff Pizza

We're Still Making Dough!

Partner with Hot Stuff Pizza and get a taste for yourself.

Developed in 1986, Hot Stuff Pizza has become the flagship brand of Orion Food Systems and the go-to favorite for consumers around the world. With delicious and satisfying options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every snack in between, this pizza powerhouse offers extensive and crowd-pleasing menus that are easy-to-prepare and highly customizable. 

Hot Stuff Pizza delivered the first convenience store pizza 29 years ago, and today we’re still offering our customers turnkey solutions that can help maximize profitability.  It's easy to see why. Hot Stuff Pizza simply offers more – including:

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Hot Stuff Pizza is built to build your business. With no royalties, no fees and a brand with a worldwide reputation for quality and convenience, no other branded food concept offers more than Hot Stuff Pizza.

We've returned to the roots of what made Hot Stuff Pizza great with new management built around traditional Midwestern values. Our Franchise Business Consultants are experts in the foodservice industry, not people that simply deliver and rotate your food.

From our Hot Stuff Pizza slices and our $10 Premium Pizza line to cutting-edge technology that can identify your key sales times to menu offerings for all dayparts, no one has more in store than Hot Stuff Pizza.

Consumers rank quality/taste as their number one deciding factor when making food decisions. That’s why our pizzas are made fresh in store. They’re not prepared ahead of time, because you – and your customers - deserve better. We don’t cut corners and settle for 2nd best. We take the time to find the highest quality ingredients so you can offer your customers the best tasting pizza possible. Why? Because we know you’re worth it.