A Strategy That Builds Profits - Orion eNews - June Edition

Orion Food Systems is constantly working on ways to improve your business. That's why we're excited to show you how the Opportunity Triangle can increase sales and profit.

This new way of thinking literally takes three minutes or less to implement and start seeing results. So, how does it work? Let's ask Franchise System Developer, Adam Harp, "How does a vacation sound? Or cash to incentivize your employees with? It's all possible by using the Opportunity Triangle. We take the data provided through our exclusive iGnG - Intelligent Grab n' Go system and set achievable goals for growth. You'd be surprised what a 1% increase in Conversion Rate can do to your annual sales growth."

Just take a look at the image below. Our Franchise Business Consultants work with you to create a strategy-based Conversion Rate, Traffic and Average Transaction. By a simple goal of increasing the Conversion Rate by 1% it can lead to $10,000 more a year in sales.

Excited? We are! Contact your FBC to start growing your business through the Opportunity Triangle today.