Always Baked, Never Fried - Gourmet Grub is on the Rise - Orion eNews - August Edition

Say hello to Orion's fastest growing brand addition. With more than 30 locations opening in the past four months - Gourmet Grub® truly is leaving a Signature Flavor in Every Bite.

Gourmet Grub® by the makers of Hot Stuff Pizza was introduced in early 2017. Always baked, never fried - the craveable menu items set the brand apart from the competition. Gourmet Grub has opened the door to non-traditional burgers and chicken sandwiches in convenience stores. From the classic Bacon Cheeseburger to the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich - consumers are loving every bite!

As dozens of locations open, how are they doing? In Oberlin, Kansas where a Gourmet Grub opened with an already existing Hot Stuff Pizza, sales were flying high. In just four hours they surpassed the number of sandwiches on average sold in a full day! Gourmet Grub isn't only seeing success in Kansas, but as you can see by the image below it's adding a fresh look and bigger sales to stores in Georgia and Florida as well.

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