Back to School - Orion eNews - August Edition

School is just around the corner, meaning the opportunity to get students and teachers into your Hot Stuff Pizza locations is ready for the taking.

How can you grab their attention? With the right exterior marketing, you can display what food you have, promotions you have and more to draw them through your doors. If your c-store is close to a school, take aim at the lunch crowd and kids who can leave school during their lunch break. Make sure they know you have what they're looking for!

Keep in mind, you're not just selling Hot Stuff Pizza, a student may stop in your store to buy a drink, but with the right marketing you can encourage them to purchase a slice of pizza, cookie or more. Here's something to remember, over 90% of people who shop today make occasional impulse purchases that they didn't intend to buy initially. Source: BrandonGaille 2017

What if your store isn't any where near a school? Market to students, teachers and parents who drive by your location on their way to school. They could be looking for a quick hot breakfast, snack, or an easy dinner. Is exterior marketing the only way? Of course not! Try sampling. Take a few pizzas and Cinnobabies to a nearby school and hand out free samples and flyers to spread the word about your location's offerings. Give potential customers a reason to stop at your store with a discount or promotion.

This time of year, is also a great time to use the Forest of Discovery Program. Working with schools and libraries can encourage students to ready, while rewarding them with pizza when they meet their goals.

All the tools for success with marking are there, it's all about using them and using them correctly.