First CHOPZ Mascot Spotted - And yes, he dances - Orion eNews - December Edition

Do you need a smile today? If so, we have just the thing!

Great Falls, Montana is not only home to a stand-alone CHOPZ, but also is the home to Chopzy.

What is Chopzy you may ask? The real question is - Who is Chopzy?

Chopzy is a photogenic, fun-loving mascot that helps sweep the floors, supports other Great Falls downtown businesses, and danced outside of the Great Falls CHOPZ during the town's Halloween trick-or-treat event - oh, and did we mention Chopzy is a T-Rex?

Looking for great ways to advertise your Hot Stuff Pizza location? Check out the CHOPZ Great Falls Facebook page, they continue to use Guerilla Marketing tactics not only the streets but on Social Media.

Click here to see Chopzy in action!