First Ever South Dakota Chislic Festival - Orion eNews - August Edition

Chislic - it's made in South Dakota! For those of you who may not know what this Dakota Delight is, you're missing out! Basically, it's fried bite-sized meat. So, why should you care? Think about it, how in the world does Hot Stuff Pizza tie into the first ever South Dakota Chislic Festival?

The answer - a Chislic Pizza! Back in July, the small town of Freeman, SD welcomed thousands of people to the inaugural event. With a Hot Stuff Pizza at the Cenex in Freeman, SD, Orion Kitchen Masters were tasked with developing a Chislic Pizza recipe.

Not only was the festival a hit, but so was the pizza! Festival organizers were only expecting 2,000 people, when 8,000 showed up hungry for Chislic. With the unexpected large crowd, almost every food stand ended up running out of food - including the Hot Stuff Pizza stand. Not only was this pizza a hit at the event, but people were calling the next day asking to order more!

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