Fuel & Pizza Add Up to Big Sales - Orion eNews February Edition

Looking for a new way to convert traffic into sales?  Tying promotions in with the gas consumers are already purchasing is an easy way to score more sales.

In Carthage, MS, at a new GOCO location, a strategy was put in place to do just that.  The store offered $.99 Pepperoni Personal Pizzas with a 10 gallon fill up. 

For the first 20 days after opening, this location saw hundreds of PSPP's move out the door.  "By tying in the popularity of rewarding consumers who buy gas from us, with their top choice of pizza, this promotion was a home run," says GOCO Operations Manager Becky Edgar.

The numbers speak for themselves.  560 Pepperoni Personal Size Pizzas were sold at the promotion price, and additional 557 were sold at full retail.  The promotion was a success due to Marketing being placed where consumers could see it, and was easy to execute by limiting the offer to only Pepperoni.