Hot Stuff Lottery Party! - Orion eNews - June Edition

It's no secret, people like their lottery tickets. In Waynesville, MO, they love them so much, the LMC Convenience store has sold $1,000,000 worth of lottery tickets. This milestone, was awarded with a Missouri Lottery Party. Learning about the party gave our Franchise Business Consultant, Brent Kirkpatrick, a great idea. Use this party to introduce Hot Stuff Pizza to the community.

The Hot Stuff location hasn't even been open for a year yet, so the Lottery party was a great way to get consumers to try the product, However, it wasn't just about selling pizzas "I wanted to be part of the celebration and show our Franchisee that they have Hot Stuff's support, "said Kirkpatrick.

With Hot Stuff's NEW Fiesta Pizza in the warmer, the store worked with Kirkpatrick to set up a Fiesta Theme during the party and sample the new pizza. He even dressed up for the part!

The plan was a success, thanks to just two hours of sampling both inside the store and at the gas pumps, 12 large pizzas and 100 Cinnobabies were sold. It wasn't just about increasing sales that day either, but building loyalty and return customers. By handing out promotional footballs to kids and take out menus, it enticed consumers to come back. In fact, take-out order for large pizzas are up since the party. "I would definitely recommend Hot Stuff Pizza be involved with any event or promotion a store may be doing. The sampling and fun interactive way they do sampling just works. It increases sales," said Kathy Luse, LMC Convenience General Manager.