iGnG - Using Analysis to Generate Profits - Orion eNews - October Edition

Two time award-winning technoloy that produces results.  As the reach of our exclusive, patent-pending iGnG - Intelligent Grab n' Go technology expands, more stories of how it is increasing sales do as well.

Enter Holiday Stationstores.  With several Hot Stuff Pizza's in their Holiday locations, iGnG data is being used as a tool to generate results.  How you might ask?  By taking the data and turning it into promotions that move units.

In this case, Hot Stuff Pizza's best in class operational support played a pivotal role by reviewing the chain's top selling items.  With iGnG revealing the Skillet Breakfast Burrito as a top selling item, Hot Stuff worked directly with Holiday Stationstores to craft a 2 for $5 Breakfast Burrito promotion.  You might be asking, how was this different than any other 2 for $5 promotion?  The marketing. 

Thanks to a great partnership with Holiday, a vision of showcasing the Skillet Breakfast Burrito alongside the ever popular Original Breakfast Burrito was born.  The result?  A 40% lift in Skillet Breakfast Burrito sales.

This is only the beginning of what iGnG can do for Hot Stuff Pizza locations. Ask your Franchise Business Consultant about what iGnG can do for you today.