Making a New Brand a Success - Orion eNews - June Edition

Fresh, fast and made-to-order salads, burritos, wraps and subs. It's the concept of our new brand CHOPZ, and right now the first stand-alone location is open and welcoming customers in Great Falls, MT.

CHOPZ opened in April, and started off with a bang thanks to a big media push. Any time you open a new location, it's important to let the community know. One way to do that, is get in touch with area newspapers and television stations. Radio too! Thanks to his relationship with the media in Great Falls, Owner Mauri Novak reached out in hopes of getting some coverage.

The media came! There were newspaper articles written about Mauri's new quick-service restaurant and stories on the local television station. The results from this approach? A line out the door with consumers waiting to order their food.

Opening a successful foodservice location is more than media coverage though, it starts with ensuring consumers are getting a high-quality meal. "The amount of training involved with opening this CHOPZ location was unique and impressive," said Novak. From our Operations Team to our Certified Trainers, Mauri and his brother, Mike, who has been involved in the opening of CHOPZ, agree the support they received from Orion Food Systems is like none other. "In short, our success as a fast food operator was enhanced by Orion's support. Their expansion into the CHOPZ concept aptly illustrates their growth into a more comprehensive program," says Mike Novak.


How can other new locations follow their lead?

  • Media - Discover all platforms available in the area and reach out. Paid advertising and/or media coverage is always beneficial to any new company.