Meet the Newest Brand from Hot Stuff Pizza - Orion eNews February Edition

Gourmet Grub will feature freshly baked third-pound (pre-cooked weight) Angus burgers, topped with exhilarating flavor profiles and baked to perfection.  Yes, our burgers are baked.

We start with a toasted kaiser bun, a hearty Angus burger, unforgettable sauces from chipotle to oriental with our 100% real mozzarella cheese blend.

Gourmet Grub also offers crispy and grilled all white meat chicken sandwiches paired with sauces that will have consumers coming back time and again.  All items are merchandised hot and ready to go for consumers looking for a high-quality sandwich for lunch or dinner.

Why burgers?

By offering Gourmet Grub with Hot Stuff Pizza consumers will find what they need to satisfy their hunger.