One Company - One Call:  Orion eNews April Edition

Imagine multiple brands in the front of one efficient kitchen in the back.  It's possible, and it's our mission.  At Orion Food Systems, we're not just pizza.  Now we can design a foodservice space exclusively for you, using Hot Stuff Pizza, Gourmet Grub, Chix Chicken or CHOPZ.

It all begins with our flagship brand, Hot Stuff Pizza.  A solution for all day-parts.

Hot Stuff Pizza is committed to making the best quality pizza.  Each pizza is handcrafted with dough made from wheat fields grown in America's Heartland, hearty sauce with Italian-styled herbs and spices, 100% real mozzarella cheese and premium toppings.

Our menu offerings give Franchisees items to put in their warmer all day long.

Hot Stuff Pizza is known for its reliable, unfailing and experienced operational support.  Support that extends to three new and exciting brands.

Introducing Chix Chicken, the chicken program you've been waiting for.

It's your Grandmother's fried chicken.  Chix Chicken uses premium, freshly marinated bone-in chicken, breaded by hand for you in an unforgettable mix of traditional spices.  Chix Chicken also features family meals and consumer-favorite homestyle sides.

Why Chix?

  • Fresh, marinated bone-in chicken.
  • Hand-Breaded - Twice - Daily
  • Procedures that ensure the utmost food safety standards.
  • No added hormones.
  • Homestyle Sides
  • Menu items for lunch, dinner, snacks.

Interested in Chix Chicken?  Click here to learn more.

Fresh - Fast - Made to Order

Salads, Burritos and Subs, customized the way your customers crave it.

CHOPZ will transform any foodservice operation.

Popular and cutting-edge, CHOPZ is in the forefront of the customizable market trend offering a fast-casual experience for people looking for a quick and convenient meal.

CHOPZ features fresh, made to order salads and burritos.  Offerings include Signature Salads like our Spicy Chicken Taco Salad.

The minds behind CHOPZ have also created traditional sub sandwich recipes, including Signature Subs and 17+ wraps.

Get ready to lick your CHOPZ by clicking here.

In the last edition of Orion e-News, we introduced you to Gourmet Grub.  This new brand from Orion Food Systems features freshly baked quarter-pound Angus burgers, topped with mouth-watering flavor profiles and baked to perfection.


By baking our burgers, you're still getting a juicy, delicious burger, without the grease of frying them.

Our new brand will also feature all white meat chicken sandwiches, crispy or grilled, baked with unforgettable sauces.

All items are merchandised hot and ready to go for consumers looking for a high-quality sandwich for lunch or dinner.

With low start-up costs associated with Gourmet Grub, it's the perfect brand to pair with Hot Stuff Pizza.

To learn more about Gourmet Grub click here.

Leave the chaos and confusion of multiple companies behind you by choosing Orion Food Systems as your total foodservice solution provider.