Papa Primo’s® Pizzas - Orion eNews - October Edition

How do you make an already easy-to-execute pizza program even easier? And more profitable? Orion has found the answer to both of those questions by utilizing a national redistributor that makes Papa Primo's products available to even more customers.

Orion is excited to announce a partnership with Dot Foods as a national redistributor of our Papa Primo's pizzas and packaging, as well as our pizza components - pizza dough, pizza sauce and cheese. All Papa Primo's products are now in stock and available through Dot Foods nationally to supermarket, foodservice, convenience and mass merchant wholesalers and retailers purchasing from Dot Foods. Dot gives our current customers and potential customers the option to source Papa Primo's from their local distributor, while efficiently managing their inventory, reducing potential out of stock conditions, reducing expenses and providing better customer service.

Dot Foods sells to approximately 4,100 distributors nationwide in all food channels, including foodservice, supermarket, convenience, drug, and all alternate channels. If you need help securing a foodservice wholesaler for your customer, please contact John Rogers 518-859-7329.