Raising Some Dough Through Fundraisers - Orion eNews February Edition

Fundraisers are something that happen in every community.  From high school bands trying to finance their next field trip, to local organizations raising funds for their group.  So why not team up with Hot Stuff Pizza and sell frozen pizzas?  Franchisee Mike Barry, in Thief River Falls, MN did just that and it resulted in more than 3,000 pizzas being sold.

"I am still in shock over how many frozen pizzas our local organization sold," says Barry.

Come December 21st, 2016 Barry and his team had to be ready.  The local group who approached Barry about helping with the fundraiser had sold 3,275 frozen pizzas.  That's no easy task.  The Pennington Main owner acted fast and reached out to Orion Foods Systems to coordinate.

Teamwork, communication and coordination were essential components that went into making this a success.  It started at the Franchisee level and traveled through multiple departments at Orion, including Transportation. 

Selling pizzas can be easy, but making sure they all arrive on time and are ready for pick up takes a lot of work and without communication and coordination, we wouldn't have such a great story to share.  "Without the help of the Hot Stuff Pizza Team, this fundraiser wouldn't have been the success it turned out to be," says Barry.

So how can you make this work at your store?  Our 14" Hot Stuff Frozen Pizzas are made with high-quality ingredients, are offered at an attractive price and have a low food cost meaning more profit for not only our Franchisees, but organizations as well.

To learn more about the program, contact your Franchisee Business Consultant today.