Road Trip Warriors Arrive in C-Stores - Orion eNews - June Edition

Summer is underway and for convenience stores that means millions of Americans will be stopping by.

Are you ready?

Road trip season is here, and as hungry consumers hit the road, let's make sure your Hot Stuff Pizza location is ready. But first, let's talk about why they're stopping. According to Gas Buddy the three main reasons are:

So, how can our Hot Stuff Pizza locations increase sales with this knowledge? Here are five easy steps to make sure the Summer travel season is a big one when it comes to foodservice.

Take it to the pumps. If weekend warriors fueling up won't come in - take samples to them. Have staff take pizza samples to the pumps. According to an article in - one retailer who followed this strategy increased sales of one menu item from 12 to 300 in a day.

Maximize your exterior. You can do as little as a banner or window cling - or as big as adding a dog play area for travelers with pets. Anything you can do to make the exterior of your location more inviting will bring repeat travelers every summer.

If only one thing sticks with you as you read this, make sure this is it. CLEAN RESTROOMS. Did you know that last summer gas stations near interstates with above-average restrooms ratings received 33% more visits? That's according to Gas Buddy.

One of the main reasons consumers stop by c-stores is to satisfy their quest for snack food. And they want it to be fresh. So make sure Hot Stuff warmers are full with fresh menu items, especially during high-peak summer travel weekends.

Finally, don't forget to show your employees some love. Salute them by letting the employees invite three freinds or family members to the store for special summer discounts.