Sales Keep Ringing Up for Our New Brands - Orion eNews - June Edition

In a little more than a year, three new brands from the makers of Hot Stuff Pizza have grown across the country. Gourmet Grub which features on-trend craveable gourmet burgers. Then there's CHOPZ, which puts a new twist on fresh, fast and made to order menu items for consumers looking for salads, subs, burritos and wraps. And let's not forget fried chicken! Chix Chicken is taking over chicken programs in c-stores with undeniably crispy, flavorful and juicy fried chicken.

We continue to hear stories of success as these new brands open. Most recently, in Mondovi, WI, where a Gourmet Grub brand addition to the current Hot Stuff Pizza has one Franchisee very happy. When looking at year over year sales, with and without Gourmet Grub, the Countryside Coop has seen burger sales increase by more than 40%. But that's not all. Gourmet Grub also features chicken sandwiches, and get this, sales of those spiked 82%.

Just take a look at the picture below. During lunch, so many customers are coming through, staff had a hard time keeping the warmers full.



Thanks to the success seen in Mondovi, the owners have decided to open another Gourmet Grub at their location in Amery, WI.

We love sharing success stories from our Franchisees. In fact, we put a few in the spotlight recently in our Success Brochure. If you're a current Hot Stuff Pizza Franchisee you'll see them arriving on Store Order Forms. But if you don't want to wait, see the flyers below to read more.