Suggestive Selling & Making it Work for You - Orion eNews - April Edition

In Fairbanks, Alaska, a Hot Stuff Pizza location is excited about building a new site, but first they had an obstacle to tackle.  Finding a way to move a lot of large dough before they close to move into their new building.  That's when the Store Manager at Sourdough Fuel Farmer's Loop location jumped into action.

First, the Manager had employees make up several large pizzas and put them in the warmer.  Next, she walked up to customers inside and outside and literally escorted them to the warmer if they hesitated about purchasing a Hot Stuff Pizza.

Over the course of four hour days, three days in a row, they sold 94 large pizzas!  Their typical one day average sales for large pizzas - one.  The strategy clearly paid off, as employees kept the momentum going by suggestive selling for the rest of the week.  By the time this effort reached day seven, a total of 132 large pizzas were sold. 

So how can your location follow their lead?  Start suggestive selling!  Here are three simple steps to get started:

Break the Ice

  • Teach employees how to start a conversation with customers and ask them if they've ever tried Hot Stuff Pizza.

Know Your Stuff

  • Make sure employees know what pizzas you're offering.

Give Something Away

  • FREE SAMPLES!  Need we say more?