U.S. Navy New Spinz Location - Orion eNews - February Edition

It's the birth place of pizza - and now Orion Food Systems is showing Naples, Italy how we do pizza.

Orion and CNIC (Commander, Navy Installations Command) are the brains behind Spinz Handcrafted Food. The newest location opened in December in NSA (Naval Support Activity) in Naples. Despite being in the birthplace of pizza, the Italians and Americans alike loved the menu offerings. In fact, in just the first three days, more than $15,000 were rung up in sales.

Spinz offers hand-pressed pizzas and gourmet burgers made with fresh ingredients. Thanks to the CNIC Food and Beverage Team's development of Navy food brands like Spinz, Orion continues to find opportunities to be a best-in-class foodservice provider worldwide.

The new Spinz location in Naples is the second international location, and the seventh total. The Naples' Spinz also serves Starbucks, which is a first for Italy!