About Orion

Quality Products Through Quality People™.

When Orion Food Systems was formed in 1983, we were determined to provide restaurant-quality delivery pizza to consumers on-the-go.

Today, this vision remains strong as over 900 franchisees and licensees continue to serve up the highest quality food—from pizza to Asian-inspired bowls to hand-crafted flatbreads—to customers around the globe.

But it's not just the quality of our food that makes us strong. It's our people who keep us there. From our production team right up to senior management, each and every member of Orion is devoted to your success.

We've perfected the recipe to success.

We have a long history of proven success, due to the simple fact that our people are passionate about what they do, and the quality of our food is unbeatable. We hold ourselves to the highest standard through our Five Key Ingredients of success:

  1. Quality: We offer superior quality products and service & support with "best in class" manufacturing practices and certifications.
  2. Innovation: We practice continuous innovation to provide solutions to customer challenges, including "Better for You" menus, new products and retail concepts, business analytics, and easy-to-execute operations.
  3. Solutions: We provide strategic solutions for targeted brand and private label concepts as well as other customer business challenges.
  4. Efficiency: Our vertical integration drives efficiency from our supply chain, manufacturing, layout & design, training, and operational & marketing expertise.
  5. Flexibility: The sheer flexibility of our program helps deliver individual client goals through customized menus, branding and private label opportunities, marketing support, equipment options, and 24-hour service.

Everything—and anything—you need.

Hot Stuff Pizza is one of our most famous brands, and we're extremely proud of its legacy. But although our roots are in restaurant-quality pizza, our branches go everywhere.

We have the capability and the expertise to create a completely customized foodservice program based on your unique needs and challenges. From quick serve to fast casual to full service dining, from convenience stores to military bases to colleges and universities and more, we can do it all.

Learn more about our history and our brands, or find the solution that best fits your organization now.