Chix Chicken

Introducing Chix Chicken, the chicken program you've been waiting for.

Fried chicken the way Grandma makes it.  Our mission is to bring delicious and crispy fried chicken, along with homestyle sides to your dinner table.  That's why our recipe for fried chicken is simple with a cravable crispy you won't be able to resist.  By combining fresh pre-marinated bone-in chicken and our traditional breading, this country style fried chicken is simply irresistable.

This brand will feature 8-16 Chicken Tender or Fried Chicken options for the family, complete with homestyle sides and biscuit bites.  Chix Chicken will also feature two piece snack boxes perfect for consumers on the go, as well as homestyle sides including fluffy mashed potatotes and gravy, creamy macaroni and cheese, sweet corn and more.

Chix Chicken is the first to simplify the process of making fried chicken.  Not only is it simple, but easy to execute, employee friendly and safe for consumers.

Our new brand, is perfectly paired with Hot Stuff Pizza and like our flagship brand, it comes with the number one Operational Support Team in the industry.  We will dedicate an experienced foodservice expert to your store to make certain you have the guidance you need to sustain a successful foodservice operation.  Your foodservice operational expert will focus on things like food safety, marketing, operations, training, profitability analysis and portion control.

Franchisees who partner with us will also get access to our exclusive iGnG - Intelligent Grab n' Go technology.  iGnG can deliver an immediate and significant impact to your bottom line by telling you what products to offer and when to offer them. Making YOU more money. Learn more at