Gourmet Grub

Consumer demand for gourmet burgers is behind Orion’s new Gourmet Grub brand. 59% of consumers say they would buy burgers at C-Stores if offered, according to Technomic. By adding Gourmet Grub to your Hot Stuff Pizza location you’ll have two exciting brands for the consumer, and an all-in-one kitchen behind the scenes.

Gourmet Grub features freshly baked quarter-pound Angus burgers, topped with housemade sauces, cheese and baked to perfection.  Yes, our burgers are baked.  By baking our burgers, consumers will enjoy a juicy, delicious burger, without the grease of frying them.

Gourmet Grub WarmerOur new brand will also feature all white meat chicken sandwiches, crispy or grilled, and topped with housemade sauces and cheese.

All items are merchandised hot and ready to go for consumers looking for a high-quality sandwich for lunch or dinner.

With low start-up costs associated with Gourmet Grub, it's the perfect brand to pair with Hot Stuff Pizza.  

In fact, just like Hot Stuff Pizza, Franchisees will have access to our number one Operational Support Team in the industry.  By adding a Gourmet Grub to Hot Stuff Pizza, you'll have a dedicated and experienced foodservice expert who will visit your store to make certain you have the guidance needed to sustain a successful foodservice operation.

Franchisees who add a Gourmet Grub, will also be able to reap the rewards of our exclusive iGnG - Intelligent Grab n' Go technology.  iGnG can deliver an immediate and significant impact to your bottom line by telling you what products to offer and when to offer them. Making YOU more money. Learn more at iGnG.info.GourmetGrub_SuccessPIP