Hot Stuff Pizza

We're Still Making Dough!

Partner with Hot Stuff Pizza and get a taste for yourself.

Developed in 1986, Hot Stuff Pizza has become the flagship brand of Orion Food Systems and the go-to favorite for consumers around the world. Hot Stuff Pizza delivered the first convenience store pizza 30 years ago, and today we're still offering our customers turnkey solutions that can help maximize profitability.  With delicious and satisfying options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every snack in between, this pizza powerhouse offers extensive and crowd-pleasing menus that are easy to prepare and highly customizable. 

We are committed to making the best quality pizza.  Each pizza is handcrafted with dough made from wheat fields grown in America's Heartland, hearty sauce with Italian-inspired herbs and spices, 100% real mozzarella cheese and premium toppings.

With our extensive menu offerings, Franchisees can be assured they have something available throughout the morning, day and night.

Managing a foodservice operation is not easy.  There are customers to please, supplies to order, bookwork to complete and employees to train.  Not to mention, it's becoming more and more difficult to hire and retail employees.  For these reasons, it has always been our strategy to provide our partners with the number one Operational Support Team in the industry.  We will dedicate an experienced foodservice expert to your store to make certain you have the guidance you need to sustain a successful foodservice operation.

When you partner with Hot Stuff Pizza, you'll also get access to our exclusive iGnG - Intelligent Grab n' Go technology.  iGnG can deliver an immediate and significant impact to your bottom line by telling you what products to offer and when to offer them. Making YOU more money. Learn more at