Thinking Outside the Box - Orion eNews - December Edition

A window cling goes up on a window, a poster goes up on the wall, and a pump topper goes on top of gas pumps. Where in your store would you put a Circular Decal? One on the counter? Or maybe a window? How about on a golf cart?

That's exactly what a Hot Stuff Pizza location in Mayetta, KS did when they saw a marketing opportunity. About 500 feet from the parking lot is a Casino/Hotel and they decided to put menus in the hotel rooms showcasing that they deliver. The location purchased a golf cart (pictured below) and let their Franchise Business Consultant add Hot Stuff Pizza marketing to it. Now, they are delivering about 20 large pizzas a week to the hotel and are working to grow those numbers even more with additional marketing throughout the hotel.

Want a creative way to showcase to the community you have Hot, Fresh food? Speak with your Franchise Business Consultant and see what marketing elements you can find on the Orion Marketing Zone site.